Considerations When Buying A Pellet Furnace Heating System

With cold weather settling in quickly, many homeowners who may have struggled with heating system issues last year might be looking at the heating systems for sale to fix the problem. For those who are looking to invest in an alternative heating source, you might be thinking about buying a pellet stove or pellet furnace instead of a traditional heating system. Here's a look at some of the things that you should think about as you evaluate the pellet stove options.

Heat Output Needed

One of the biggest considerations to make when you're investing in a pellet furnace is the heat output rating of the unit. The heat output you need will mainly depend on the square footage of your home. The more square footage your home has, the higher the BTU output rating you'll need in the pellet furnace that you choose.

Talk with a heating system supplier to have your home assessed. That way, they can tell you exactly what you need from the heat output of any system that you choose to buy.

Primary And Backup Power Options

Once you've narrowed down the size of the pellet furnace that you need, you should also consider the power options for those units. You'll want to choose a unit that easily integrates into your home's electrical circuits. Additionally, you'll want to think about a backup power source for times when your primary power source is out. The times when you need your furnace the most, during the winter when there is a higher chance of snow and ice, is also the time when storms are likely to cause power outages. Having your heating system supplier include a backup power system is important for keeping your home warm no matter what the weather brings.

Maintenance Requirements

Remember that pellet furnaces will require more active attention than regular furnace systems. You'll have to make sure that you fill the pellet hopper regularly and empty the ash pan. Think about what you'll have time to fit in your schedule so that you choose a pellet furnace that fits your lifestyle. For example, if you traditionally work long shifts, choose a furnace with a large enough hopper that you can fill before your shift, and then still have pellets in the unit when you get home. 

If pulling the ash pan from the base of the burn pot is going to be physically difficult for you, select a unit that feeds pellets from the bottom and deposits ash in a pan that's raised up on the side of the unit instead. 

Contact a company for more information regarding heating appliances for sale.