3 Traits The Very Best Air Conditioners Have In Common

When you have to replace your air conditioner, you are going to want to replace your current system with the best system you can afford. All of the very best systems share a few traits in common: they come with a solid warranty, are highly efficient, and offer quiet operations.

#1 - A Solid Warranty

The first thing you need to look at when considering a new air conditioning system is the warranty that comes with the system. All the best air conditioning systems offer comprehensive warranties.

It is not uncommon for high-quality air conditioners to come with lifetime coverage on the compressor. This is a great value, as the compressor is the most expensive part of an air conditioner to repair and replace.

Most high-quality air conditioning systems are also going to offer at least a decade of general coverage for all the parts. A decade has become the industry standard for warranties; if the warranty is any shorter, that is a sign you may be purchasing a lower-quality air conditioning system.

#2 - Energy Efficient

All the best products are highly energy efficient. AC systems that meet energy efficiency standards earn the Energy Star designation; the Energy Star designation looks like a gold star badge with the word "Energy Star" on it.

In order to earn this designation, they have to have a SEER rating of 15 or below. The SEER rating measures how much cool air the conditioner creates in relation to the energy used to create that cool air.

EER stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is just another way of figuring out how energy efficient your air conditioning system is. With EER ratings, the same temperature and humidity levels are used to calculate how efficient the system is.

#3 - Quiet Operation

Finally, top-quality air conditioning systems do not make that much noise, either inside or outside your home. With the best air conditioning systems, you barely even notice that they are operating inside of your home.

You also want the outside components of your air conditioning system to be quiet. You don't want your compressor to interrupt your outdoor time or annoy your neighbors. Look at the noise rating for the unit, and see if there are any installed units you can look at.

High-quality air conditioning systems should offer you a solid warranty, should have an Energy Star certification sticker, and should offer you quiet operations.