How Do You Keep Your Supermarket Meat Case Clean?

When customers walk into your supermarket, they are after fresh and healthy foods to feed themselves and the people they acre about the most. Therefore, having everything clean and pristine is of the utmost importance, but there are certain areas where cleanliness is absolutely imperative for health and safety reasons and for public appeal. The supermarket meat case where you display fresh cuts of meat is the prime example of a place in your store that should be immaculately maintained, but this is no easy feat. Here are a few tips to help you keep your supermarket meat case as clean as possible. 

Follow a strict cleaning schedule. 

Meat cases should really be cleaned out on an almost daily basis, at least spot cleaned with a sanitizing solution. However, cleaning the case thoroughly, from the shelving and signage to the hood, should be done fairly regularly to keep the case clean and fresh. Implement a good cleaning schedule for the meat department employees to follow and a checklist so you know the case is being cleaned as often as possible. If the case you have in place is outdated and difficult to clean, consider investing in a new model that has an integrated drainage system and other easy-clean features.

Make sure meats are properly rotated. 

Rotating store product is always important, but especially where perishables are concerned. Therefore, you probably already do a good job of keeping the meat in your meat cases properly rotated. If employees have been slacking about rotating the product in the case so the oldest products are out front, it can create all kinds of issues with spoiled meat contaminating your case. If the small dates on meat packaging make it difficult to see the proper dates, use a sticker gun to add larger dates to every package before it goes out for display.

Install cool LED lighting in your meat case. 

Cool-burning LED lights provide a nice illumination for your meat case that will not put the product in danger because of heat. Because LED lighting does not create shadows and make the case look dingy even when it's not, it is an ideal choice for aesthetic purposes and will look appealing and clean to customers. But LED lighting will also ensure all cracks, holes, and joints in the case are well illuminated so you can see every last detail when you are cleaning. 

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