3 Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Commercial Oven For Your Home Baking Business

If you enjoy baking breads, cookies, and cakes for your family and friends, you may be able to turn this passion into a business that you can run from your home. Having access to a commercial oven in your home allows you to increase the number of baked goods you are creating each day, which can help you increase your new company's profitability.

Here are three factors that you need to consider when purchasing a commercial oven for your home baking business.

1. Energy Use

Finding ways to reduce overhead costs can be essential when it comes to running a profitable baking company from your home. Since you will be using your commercial oven more frequently than a traditional homeowner would use his or her regular oven, it's important that you take energy use into consideration before making an investment.

Taking the time to look for a commercial oven with the Energy Star seal can help you significantly reduce your energy consumption. These commercial convection ovens are about 20% more energy-efficient than standard commercial convection ovens, making them more affordable to bake in as you grow your home baking business in the future.

2. Ease of Maintenance

Your home baking business probably qualifies as a cottage food company. Cottage food laws were enacted to give small-time producers the opportunity to create low-risk food products (essentially anything that doesn't require refrigeration) from their home kitchens to sell for public consumption.

Even though cottage food companies are exempt from meeting certain regulatory standards when it comes to maintaining a full commercial kitchen, the equipment used to produce your products will be subject to inspection. Investing in a commercial oven that can easily be cleaned and maintained will help you ensure your equipment meets minimum safety standards without requiring a significant time investment each day.

3. Consistency

In order to meet demand for your baked goods, you must have a commercial oven whose cooking methodology won't seriously limit the number of baked items you can produce in a day.

Investing in a true convection oven (sometimes referred to as a European convection oven) ensures that you will have access to a third heating element on the back of your commercial oven that allows for even baking of pies, cakes, cookies, and other baked products. Be sure that you are investing in a true convection oven to achieve consistency in the finished goods you offer for sale to the public.

Buying a commercial oven for your home baking business can be a daunting task. Take the time to consider energy consumption, maintenance requirements, and baking consistency to ensure you invest in a commercial oven that will be equipped to help you grow your business in the future. Speak with a business for more info