How To Install A Whirlpool Washer And Dryer

Installing your Whirlpool washer and dryer can be done by yourself in the event that there is not a professional to assist you. The process is relatively easy and can be done in a short amount of time with only a few tools like a screwdriver and adjustable wrench.

The first step in installing your washing machine is to connect the appropriate hoses from the back of the machine to the water pipes located on your wall. When connecting the hoses you can use your fingers to make them tight and then use an adjustable wrench to finish up, ensuring they are securely fastened to both the wall and machine. Be certain that when completing this step that you connect the hot water hose (usually red) to the hot water pipe and the cold water hose (usually blue) to the cold water pipe.

Once the hoses are connected you'll have to insert your drain line into the drain pipe. Simply place the line into the pipe and leave it there. This will ensure that any dirty water gets properly disposed of and doesn't contaminate your clean clothes.

You are now ready to plug in your washing machine into the electrical socket. Before turning the machine on, make any necessary adjustments to the feet to make sure the machine is set firmly on the ground. If your machine is unstable, it will shake and move during the washing cycle, which may result in damage in the future. You can make the feet taller or shorter with a simple twist to the left or right. Before turning your washing machine on, make sure you turn on the hot and cold water pipes.

To install your dryer, you'll first need to connect the electrical wires in the back. Refer to the instructions, which are usually printed on the back of your machine on how to connect. Use a screwdriver to secure the cover plate over the wires.

You'll then need to fasten the dryer ventilation piping around the vent on the dryer. This is the large, flexible silver pipe that allows heat to escape from the machine. Simply attach the pipe over the vent on the machine. If you wish to secure the piping further, then a simple cable tie will do the trick. You are now ready to plug in your dryer. As you did with the your washing machine, make sure the feet are stable and your dryer doesn't move.

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